Friday, 17 May 2013

bumble bear

I've been poorly this week. What started off as a little tickle of my throat has progressed to a loud and super-disrupting cough that makes me feel like a bear with razorblades stuck in its throat. A runny nose on top means this week hasn't been the most favoured. I'm happy for the weekend because S L E E P ! and because this means I can take time to make myself feel better. I have exactly a week to get back to 100% health for Life Festival next Friday! :)

This weekend will include starting my TEFL course, consuming massive amounts of tea and lemsips, cute films, comfy 'unwell' clothes to binge around in, yummy treats and I’m hoping...a blogging post frenzy to happen. All from the comfort of my own bed. Aw yiss.

*picture above created with the abeautifulmess photo app. which is amazeballs and everyone should have it. Go Elsie and Emma!*  

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