Saturday, 4 May 2013

fresh over

Little Snippets is about the daily ramblings of Sylv, adventures, sweet words, inspiration, life travels around the globe, fashion, style and the occasional craft and tutorial. It's more or less a continuation from my previous blog, My Fabric Heart. The only difference is this blog will be more condensed, with slightly more personal posts and less attention towards the tutorials, I still plan to include the odd diy but it won't be hugely based around it as my previous blog was.

Making this change has been something I've been thinking about for far too long and due to the general busyness of real life getting in the way of things, I just felt like now was the time to do it. I needed the change and that fresh burst of motivation having a fresh new blog can bring. Making the switch to blogspot was always in my mind but it was just taking the plunge and leaving my wordpress blog that was the tough part. I'm liking this change already. This is a new exciting step in my life and it's the perfect time to start over here.


  1. My girl finally has a blogspot, hell yeah!

  2. Looking forward to future posts!

  3. Ahhhhhhh now you have a blogspot I can comment with much more ease! :D welcome!

    1. I finally made the switch! Commenting is now stress free - woo! :) Thanks! xx


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