Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gougane National Forest Park

*another nature photo heavy post!*

On the final morning of the last bank holiday weekend, we scrambled the kids together and drove to Gougane Barra for a hike and wander, giving mum and dad a few hours of peace as well. Gougane is a beautiful national forest park perfect for hiking trails, exploring and family days out. It's huge and has an equally huge lake attached to it. As well as the infamous church everyone likes to get married at. We weren't the only ones making use of the lovely weather, BBQ's, screaming children and camper-vans were everywhere!

Having previously been to Gougane before I knew the best route to show Shane a really awesome view, we decided to hike up the ‘Slí an Éasa' trail. It's quite a step trek uphill but it's marginally shorter than the other hikes which follows a massive natural waterfall which finishes with a magnificent viewing point once you reach the top of the climb. Many a sweaty body was fighting over seating at the top of the view point, we were all exhausted from the climb! (my thighs are still sore!). Little Ells-bells was being passed around like a hot potato as her little legs couldn't manage the hike entirely, with a three year old attached to my back it made for a serious work out up the wooden steps to the top!

The forest is really beautiful, full of both plant and wildlife. I've seen a few deer around whilst walking and you're bound to see sheep dotted around just minding there own business. As we both had work the following day we could only stay the one night, we drove back home, said our goodbyes to the family and loaded up the car for our journey back to Cobh. We decided to stop in Midleton for Awesome Thai food at Thai Thanie, after hearing so many good things about the place it did not disappoint! I had the veggie Penang Curry and Shane had the Massaman Curry. Both were amazeballs, the plate portions were HUGE. SO MUCH FOOD! After we were done stuffing our faces we headed out towards the cinema to see 'Olympus has fallen' and enjoy a bit of the lovely Gerard Butler.

It was so good having that long weekend together and weather decent enough to venture outside in. Not to mention all those extra sleep ins, not that we got much of them with Ellie and Tiggy running around! It's good to have little breaks and real time together. Being busy all the time means being tired all the time. It's a vicious life circle and sleep is my best friend.
As long as we continue to make the most out of the little time we actually have together (I swear I saw more of Shane when I wasn't living with him!) I know we won't mind this horribly busy adult life that has been brought on us! Here's to spending awesome weekends together with your best boy :)


  1. Thanks to you I have to put another point on my "Things to see in Ireland"-list ;) How far away from Cork is it?

    1. Haha, awe glad I inspired you to come visit Gougane! It really is beautiful. It's in West Cork so from Cork City to Gougane it would take about an hour and a half, thats according to google maps! :)


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