Saturday, 11 May 2013

Home comforts

Last Sunday was a bit of a surprise adventure. Total spur of the moment decision! Shane was given the day off from work so we decided to make the most of it and took a little trip down the country to visit my mum and siblings. It had been almost a year since Shane was last down that way, this visit was long overdue! Set with a playlist that requires singing badly along the way too and armed with an array of car candy meant we were ready for the long drive to mums.

My folks live down in West Cork which is quite a distance from Cobh! So it was nice to have the hour to relax and drive to good music together.

We surprised mum with our arrival and took the bow and arrows down the field for some target practise and gave a mini lessons to my youngest brother, he was really excited to give it a try but his 9 year old arms couldn't pull the string back! Which is why Alex (second youngest brother) had to hold the bow and help pull back for him, aww.

With the lads entertained down in the fields I snuck off and had some time for a catch up over a cuppa with mama about whats been happening around the homestead and finally got to see the changes my folks have been doing to the family home. My bedroom has changed again (3rd time lucky!) and this time its even cuter and smaller with my dream catchers hanging everywhere and my bits and bobs dangling everywhere.

Not to mention its right off the kitchen meaning access to food at all times AND total quiet after 9pm. Perf!

Tiggy has got to be the quirkiest little boy I know, not to mention what a clever little lad he is, I swear he outsmarts all of us with his random knowledge and ability to soak up any piece of information and keep it! Plus he is just too damn CUTE!

Usually I'm a little fussy about having my , stuff touched, it's one of my pet peeves! Only because I used to know where every little thing was in my room and the idea of someone moving it sets my OCD on edge (i think everyone has their own little OCD quirk!) but it's been nice coming home and seeing my room decorated with all my airy fairy junk, it reminds me of when I was little and mum would decorate my room for me. Cute!

Home-made bunting from old maps my little brother Tiggy didn't want any more (score!) - make your own here! Cute dress making canvas pictures Alex gifted me for my last birthday which I looove and one of many  of my dream-catchers are just a glimpse of the sort of things you'd find in my bedroom!

My new room means an entirely new blank canvas for putting my maps, photos, lists, inspiring articles and anything else that reflects me and my thoughts out into my bedroom. Currently I'm collecting items for my future travel plans and scrapbooking ideas. I WILL be more crafty even if it takes me a while!

I never really show the blogging world pictures of my bedroom so I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses! Please excuse the blanked out part in the picture below, I've recently been asked to become part of something I can't actually speak about for another while...I can't wait to finally share the news but for now I must keep schtum about it!


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