Friday, 31 May 2013

Life Festival 2013

Hi friends, I've been away for longer than I had meant too. Lets catch up! Last weekend myself and a friend from work (tiny middle girl above!) caught the bus and went up to Westmeath for Life Festival that none of us had been too before. It ended up being the best festival I've ever been too! So much craziness packed into one awesome filled weekend!

First of all, we were totally unprepared for this, we didn't have a tent and I managed to lose my sleeping bag on the way up there (diiiiingus!) so we were pretty screwed but decided not to let it bug us and we carried on being unorganised but still totally awesome. 

The festival venue was amazing - situated at Mullingar House surrounded by a lake on one side with 8 stages of electronic music and arts, it was a weekend to be remembered! We went for the banter not so much the music but it ended up being lots of fun both ways, the music grew on us and we even miss it now.

Please excuse the quality of these two photos, taken on my iphone and uploaded in low quality! LOOK! TIPI'S! and an old double decker bus called 'The Big Blue Bus' which was converted into a place that made the most amazing vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten in my life, cooked by some realy beautiful hippy guys who were probably the happiest looking fellas I've seen in ages (i wonder why hoho!) Pizza for breakfast is always acceptable at festivals. We ate upstairs and admired previous festival go-ers scribbles on the ceilings and tables whilst slowly coming back to normal after a night of serious drinking and partying.

Going for a random tree climb with a random lovely 'Lifer' named Lee. We were walking through the woods to the lakeside to catch 'Wyvern Lingo' playing when we came across these guys eyeing up a rather awesome tree that had an arm coming out from one end of the tree and joining perfectly to another branch of the same tree, forming a perfect triangle for a swing seat. I really should have taken a photo but this was one of those weekends that my camera had to stay behind.
After admiring it for a while Lee suggested we climb it. Perfect afternoon for it! It was a good little tree to climb too. 

These guys were really strange in a cool, curious way. They were dancing slowly to spacey other worldly music and would summon any curious souls that stood around too long to their sci-fi chair where they would surround them and dance slowly. WHO ARE THEY? WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH DESKTOPS FOR FACES? Just some of the usual weirdness you'd find at Life!

TREES WITH SAD FACES! This little guy was in the tree one day and the next gone... spooky. We found him a while later and put him back in his spot to remain unhappy. We liked him. Our first night was spent down at the lake lying out staring up at the stars listening to the band play 90's tunes behind us. It was fun. We borrowed blankets for snuggles and managed to wiggle our way into the corners of friends tents each night, coping with the cold by layering on ALL of our clothes we brought with us. All adding up to the random banter that was Life Festival. 

Just throwing in a picture of my face with the cutest little froggy that joined us during one of our many DMC's over the weekend. Such lame-o's as Shóna would say! Life was just so awesome, it's one of those festivals you never hear of but SHOULD hear of. I went with the intention to have a good weekend and not only did I have one of the best weekends all year, I left having met some really amazing people and friends for life, heh! excuse the pun. 
If you are around that area of the woods next year I definitely recommend going, you will not be disappointed! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR LIFE FEST! :) 


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