Monday, 6 May 2013

no sssweat

I give you Enter Shikari. The craziest most hectic gig I was totally unprepared for. For one thing, this band was of those bands I listened to as a teenager and had that phase with. Now years later when they randomly play in a little bar with an upstairs gig area in Cork it wouldn't be something I would jump at. A quick decision based on the tickets being cheap for a band that is fairly known and the fact we were all missing the experience of a mosh pit was the reason we we thought what the hell, lets go.

I'm so glad we did. IT WAS AWESOME!

We lined our tummies with dinner at Wagamama's (vegetarian pad thai and katsu curry, both delicious!) and snuck Captain Morgans into our take away cokes whilst we waited for a friend to finish work and meet us before the gig started. It was a superb idea, pre-drinking is a must! 

The Pavillion is really cool and somewhat moody with green decorative ceilings that reminded me of the end scenes in the film, Virgin Suicides. We started on the yagerbombs whilst a dj set finished up and the supporting act, Hacktivist started the night off. They had the crowd going crazy in time for Shikari to finally take the stage and give us an hour and a half of complete and utter mindblowingly fun chaos. I've never experienced a pit like this one, we were all fully drenched in sweat after the opening song! It was fun having a good bash around too, I did get my top torn off me slightly but it was worth the banter of being in the pit. The guys were really funny and interactive with us, Rou and the bass guitarist spend a lot of time surfing the crowd and even stopping mid song to have a pint with us. Ledgebags.

The pictures don't fully express the level of fun and insanity that was had. I managed to capture a few videos from the pit during 'Sorry you're not a winner', but that needs a little audio editing before its put online. The night ended at silly o'clock the next morning and all I could do was sleep, totally un-functionable the next day but totally worth it. Random spur of the moment gigs seeing awesome old favourite bands are good decisions and even better nights out.

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