Thursday, 9 May 2013

roam and wander

Last weekend Shane and I for once in our lives had time off together. He works when I'm off and I work when he's off. It's a vicious but typical thing for us, we've just learnt to work around it and be awesome together when we can. This weekend was one of them! 
I did plan to have one big post about the long weekend but so much happened and far too many photos were taken. So I'm breaking them up into separate posts, separate photos and separate ramblings!

Firsty, let's just ignore Friday. We were both unable to move after the gig the previous night - lots of sleep and hangover food was needed for that. Saturday was gloriously sunny, like ridiculous for what we're used too. I wore shorts and bare legs. It was THAT warm.
We headed out to make the most of the sudden burst of Summer, stopping downtown at Dave's cafe to get takeaway massive-monster sandwiches and headed out towards Marloag Woods and around the beaches of the back island of Cobh for a wander. It's quite a popular spot for afternoon walkers but this weekend was alarmingly quiet.

the beginnings of a dear little cave! Too cute.

We felt like little explorers on a desert island as we were for a long time, alone. Feeling like zombie apocalypse survivors we hashed out our plans of survival if it should ever happen and who would die first.. Because we weren't weird enough!

The woody forests provided excellent wind break whilst we munched on our sarnies. Did you ever think how good it would be to put pineapple in with you sandwich? Well it's bloody amazing! trrry it.
The beach and pebbly edges were beautiful but super windy walking along the strand, we saw sailing boats and dog walkers who were also battling the ferocious wind. It became a bit of a workout for my little legs! 

We ended our evening in the back garden as the sun went down with a few films on the go and mugs of yummy tea to accompany us. It's been a while since we had both gotten away from our day-to-day routine and had some time out together, sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest.

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