Saturday, 8 June 2013

a rather sunny saturday

OH HELLO SUMMER, Where ya been?! Today was the first proper day since we've been having this epic weather that I've been able to be outside for longer than my lunch break at work allows. Not having to wear layers or worry about bringing a coat along with me  has been a delightful change. My style has reverted back to my days in South Africa last year- wearing only shorts and sun dresses. Jumpers and jeans have been put to the back of our wardrobe and in their replacement spot are Sun dresses, dungaree's and shorts.All  making a show out from the depths of our wardrobe since last year. 'BOUT TIME TOO!
It's a shame our Irish Summers are over before they even start. 

I have a bit of an obsession with these dungaree's. There just so fun! They were my mum's from years ago and I sneakishly stole them when raiding her wardrobe, simply because they were so beautiful. I just fell in love with the floral print cotton shorts attached to it instead of the classic dunga look. I HAD TO HAVE THEM! Now that the weather's been so good I'm finding every excuse possible to wear them. 

I spent my day off running errands, planning certain projects and getting some sun. I popped into town to pick up a few things for next weeks adventures (more on that another day) and find out information for the 'Bloggers In The Park' meet-up that the lovely Katie has been organising for us bloggers, for next month. If you are a blogger that lives in Ireland and fancy coming along please contact either Katie or myself! The hastag #bloggersinthepark is where you'll find us on twitter for updates on how it's going and who's going! 

We haven't officially come out with all the details yet but we will be posting about it shortly when everything is finalised, both on our blogs and both our Tumblrs. I'm really ridiculous excited already. Keep your eyes peeled!

Usually I avoid Primark like the plague, especially on a Saturday of all days but as I'm going on holiday to Spain next week I figured a new sun dress and a pair of cute sunnies wouldn't hurt. I ended up with both these things as well as a pair of beige cotton shorts and this rather amazing chunky knit cardigan in the above picture! It reminds me of a sailors fishing net. The arms drape nicely and its loose hippy-boho style and fit was the main reason I bought it. It's made with nylon and acrylic which means it's a cool temperature all the time and wouldn't itch me like most woolly cardigans do. Perfect for those long hazy Summer nights, however rare they might be I knew I had to have this cardigan in my life. At €14 it's a win in my book!

After I was done with chaotic town and shopping I had some really yummy lunch with Shane's parents and spent the rest of the afternoon retreating from the sun at all possible costs. It's crazy how tiring the sun makes me! As much as I wanted to sleep the afternoon away I ended up getting an ice-cream cone from this adorable beach-house ice-cream shop down town with Kira. Strawberry epic-ness on a cone, how could I not. Sorry diet.
All in all, my rather sunny Saturday was pleasantly chill and productive. Which is surprising as originally all I wanted to do was catch up on sleep. Hurray for good weather. HAPPY FACE!


  1. Glad to see you managed to enjoy some of the sun - despite work getting in the way! Pretty jealous of you going to Spain!! Ax

    1. Where there's a will there's a way hey! :) xx


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