Thursday, 20 June 2013

Behind the Scenes with Inhale the Fall and EPIC film productions

At the beginning of 2013 I was asked by a friend who worked for the film production company, EPIC to come audition for a leading role in a local Cork band Inhale The Fall's new music video. Although the idea of auditioning without a mask to hide behind* scared the living daylights out of me, I knew I wanted to do and and thought, what the hell how bad can it be.. I went on to ace the audition and get myself the lead role! 

Now the film has been finished and was released at the start of this month, I can finally blog about it!

 *probably one of my favourite shots from the first night*

Firstly, I've never auditioned for acting roles before and secondly, I wouldn't even call myself an actor, apart from the part two years acting creepy characters in The Nightmare Realm (first year being a Silent Hill nurse and last year being a deadite zombie bride!) my acting experience is little-to-none. I've never taken acting classes or even had a strong passion for acting since I'm a shy bean that suffers from stage fright.. I just have an ever growing interest in all things gore and macabre and like to believe I'm capable of anything..!

It took three filming days, a couple of months editing and a few re-shoot scenes to make. The first night was the most exciting for me as I had never had this opportunity before, I soaked everything in like a sponge. It was also the longest out of the three days, about 9 hours shooting running throughout the night. I met the band, experienced the make up and costume department (who was a one-women-army and bloody good at it too!), realised how much attention to detail is put in behind the scenes for getting the set ready for shooting, I met the crew of EPIC and  got to know everyone a little bit as well as having a laugh with the lovely actors I would be playing alongside in this music video. I had a blast to say the very least.

The crew were encouraging me to get my shutter-bug on so I was happy out creeping behind the guys snapping away at what they do best.

The second night was filming in Camden Palace in the City, we had reign of the top floor which was exquisitely decayed and perfect for the theme of the music video. The film has a dark theme, touching on disturbing issues that reflect a lot of people’s social lives today. My role was playing a girl who had lived a life of abuse and had finally cracked, taking the people who had previously hurt her and exacting her revenge on them. I got to play with fire, flamable liquids and torture a couple of regular-joes with various items and liquids.. I won't explain any more, the video does all that perfectly.

My hair, style and make up was done by that of the talented Mary Ginnifer, pictured above, who had me looking 'evil but still pretty' with greasy messy hair and smudgey sad eyes, a look that was a fun mix to experiment with. My look was similar to that of Samara from The Ring, the classic 'mental' patient gown that was dirty and frayed that had quite frankly, seen better days.

Playing the freaky characters is my favourite kind of acting!

All in all, the entire experience is something I'm going to look back on many times and think woah, that was awesome. All the lovely people I met from this opportunity were amazing and so friendly, even though at time's I felt shy and tired everyone still greeted me with tremendous warmth and for that short while had made me feel part of the team. I don't have enough words to explain how wonderful and so multi-talented the crew at EPIC are, I'm so pleased to say I have worked with them and hope someday in the future we may collide again! 

Inhale the Fall's song Weak can be viewed here on their YouTube Channel or by clicking here! I'd would love to read your thoughts and comments :)

*in the nightmare realm we wear prosthetic latex masks with our costumes, allowing us to be completely unrecognisable and therefore being super creeps to customers! Without a mask I don't feel half as scary.


  1. I thought you were an actor! I should have guessed you weren't when you didn't complain :P

    1. Awe you're sweet but no, not a 'proper' actor at all, just winging my way through all sorts of things I like! :)

    2. That's the real 'The Secret'. But I suppose no one would buy a book that simply read: "Just wing it. Be grand"


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