Monday, 24 June 2013

chasing rabbits

I've been back from Spain a week today and already it feels like forever ago. I planned to blog and do so many things other than my job in the space between then and now but life is just TOO BUSY. I need more hours in the day for all my extra activities I find myself tangled up in!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I've been sewing up a storm with a custom order that a friend asked me to make, a big soft plush bunny! It's been at least a year since I made anything plush-like* so it was a big mix of nervousness and excitement to take it on.

I'm really happy with my little creature. I love going from ideas on paper to 3D in-your-face creation. It's so heart warming and surprising to see what I'm capable of when given the chance to make these things, especially after a good year or so of not making anything that exceeds what I thought I wasn't capable of. I missed the actual act of making things, sitting down and measuring fabric, sewing it together and seeing it come to life. My sewing machine is a third limb for me, an extension of creation. Without it, I'd have a massive bunch of shoddy projects let me tell you!

I have better pictures taken with my DSLR but to be honest it will take me forever to get the time to upload them here and I like blogging frequently rather than yearly :) I hope these instagram shots will suffice! 

*previous plushies made can be seen here, on myfabricheart blog!

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