Friday, 28 June 2013

the good outweighs the bad

 *an old favourite photo displaying my love for my (then) newly handmade patchwork quilt*
Another week is nearly over and where has the time gone? I miss those days when an hour felt like forever and the day would drag, regardless of if you were in School or not!

A couple of good things happened this week, which is important to focus on considering both my Iphone and  Ipod (of eight years!) drowned in a puddle of water that had collected in my bag on the way to work yesterday. The best part? The zip to open my bag got stuck so there really was no chance of saving either of them in time*. I didn't cry or freak out to my amazement, which to me is a perfectly understandable reaction in this case. Either i'm too calm for my own good or just too devastated to come around to the damage/price to repair it all yet.

One of these good things, I was kindly given a huge donation of fabric,sheets and old clothes to dive into and use for the costumes! Which has really kick started my inspiration into over-drive. Following that, I have two full costumes made! All I need to do is grunge it up a bit, add some details and it's ready to go. 
A project I had been working on all this month saw it's completion last Friday. I've already blogged about this (see previous post) but meeting deadlines and targets is what I'm all about - I'm chuffed as nuts when I see something through to the finishing line, in time!

I went for a cheeky rummage in the Charity shops with a friend on my day off, picking up some bits for the costumes and my own wardrobe. One being a really cute skirt seen in the kids section for €1.50! The pale pattern and high waist won me over. Immediately I thought of Bonnie Barton and what she would style it with, it's vintage look and dainty printed flowers are adorable. Even if I rarely wear HW skirts I knew I was getting it. Maybe one day I'll share it on here.

I feel almost robbed of last weekend, by my own fault too I might add. I haven't been sleeping well since (or even before, I'm not sure) going to Madrid - due to crazy late nights out, coming back made it impossible to get up for work when for five nights straight sleeping wasn't on the agenda. I (unintentionally) slept 15 hours Saturday night, waking up at 4pm  the next evening. So Sunday may as well have not happened, I was so hazy from all the Zzz's I couldn't do anything productive - waste of a perfectly good day off! This weekend will not be a repeat of that, I plan to use my time wisely and productively - costumes, come at me bro! 

*they both currently sit together in a zip-locked bag of rice for the next couple of days to recover. All fingers and toes are crossed that my dear little ipod will resurrect itself and come out the champ that it is. My iphone is replaceable, my ipod is not!

*apologies for lack of photos in this post - I've been neglecting my camera and day-to-day photography has ceased since the death of my iphone, my canon is too bulky to carry around with me, and it's not necessary to bring to work!

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