Monday, 10 June 2013

things to look forward too

My job can sometimes feel like it never ends. Work days feel like they merge into each other with no recollection of what happened with my free time. I've got a busy couple of months ahead of me and it already feels like I'll have no time to really enjoy the Summer. Having these small things to look forward too below are what keeps me going when I'm having one of those sluggish days/weeks..

  • Seeing Alkaline Trio this August in Dublin with Shane. 
  • Going to Spain next week with Elaine.
  • Another music festival this Summer (possibly two).
  • Budapest to see my dearest and explore the beautiful city.
  • Home visits to the folks and family.
  • Completing my TEFL course and getting certified to teach English abroad.

I'm over the moon about getting to see Alkaline Trio with Shane in two months. They are one of those bands I never stopped liking from the start and had that mutual understanding they would be one of many loved bands that I would never get too see and I was okay with knowing that. (Like when I was surprised with Bon Iver tickets from Shane for our third anniversary last year..n'aww).

When I saw they were coming to Dublin I was riiight on it. Mon' the trio!

One of my resolutions this year was to get a bit more travelling under my wings, see a bit of Europe and plan for my big adventure next year. I'm off to Madrid next week with a friend from work who spent a few years living there previously so we're both super excited to go (her to go back!) and get our exploring hats on. Spain has never interested me before (apart from the beautiful houses in Barcalona) but the decision was based on a random get-away-from-work holiday idea and as Elaine had lived in Spain it seemed a good idea as we wouldn't be completely lost tourists, wasting time trying to find things to visit. Since last weeks 'Irish Summer' stint is over I'm looking forward to be basking in 30 degree heat this coming Thursday, eating veggie tapas and shutter-bugging my way into a frenzy with Elaine.

Speaking of travelling, this August I'm heading off to Budapest for a week to see my little Hermione in her temporary hometown. Katie lives there for University and keeps her blog Bpvetgirl, regularly updated with little snippets of uni life, fashion, foodie yums and interesting topics. (Her blog can be found here!) We are both deliriously excited to see each other and have the entiiire week for exploring that beautiful city together as well as catch up on some much needed best friend time.

As well as visits back to the homestead to see my wonderful little family, music festivals through out the rest of the Summer months and finishing my TEFL course (I need to start it for one thing!) I hope I will be too busy to notice I'm working 99% of my Summer.

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