Monday, 3 June 2013


I love lists. I get it from my mum. I love writing them, ticking the completed tasks off, making neater lists when previous lists are too messy.. I make lists for everything. It gets to the point where if I do something that wasn't on my list I will go back to my listbook and write it in, just to scribble it out and put a tick next to it. I know what you're thinking - weeeirdo!
I also love goals and believe in always striving for something however big or small it may be, to always keep pushing yourself actively by having that plan and aiming to get there whatever it is - big or small. Big goals are great but small goals are just as important, especially when there is a time scale involved. 
As you can imagine, resolutions are a big thing for me. Katie and I every year get together and scribble down goals in our notebooks, making sure to compare, steal one another's and fine tune them to make 'the final list' - which will then be over looked every month for review. As it's the halfway point in the year I thought to have a look through mine and add some more..

The newbies that have been added to the ever growing list of goals are..
  • say no and be okay with it - by this I mean I usually say yes to lots of things when really I don't want to do whatever it is I'm asked for! Most of the time I find it's because I don't want to be the one being the bitch or I worry if saying 'no' changes what someone thinks about me*. (For example when someone wants to borrow money and you do have it but you just don't feel comfortable lending it for whatever reason but you do it anyway because you're a sap that can't say no when you really want too!) That's how I feel about it anyway! So saying No more with things is something I want to incorperate into my life, and not feel bad about saying it too. Which brings me to my next goal..
  • be selfish when needs be - Selfishness is not a nice trait to have but I think a little bit is essential as long as they don't get too caught up in themselves. My granddad was the 'anything for an easy life' kind of guy and I find I'm the same and I don't want to be that person. I am a pushover with things and when things are annoying me I put up with it instead of voicing my thoughts and letting people know that I'm not happy and that's not okay. I will not be a pushover any more! 
  • be better with time management - something I'm really really useless at is this. I procrastinate and diddle-daddle around things instead of actually bloody doing it, I'm hopeless for sticking to time frames in short periods and end up abandoning important things to make time for less important things (like ditching dinner to waste an hour flittering around the bedroom)
  • self discipline - I'm lazy when it comes to eating food. I've been picking at the wrong kinds and not enough of the good stuff. I need to bring more green vegetables into my diet as my iron levels are low again and lately I'm unwell more than often. I want to be strict on myself in lots of aspects - eating more goodness, being a little more active, stop dipping into my savings account, stop wasting any free time and making sure I get more than six hours sleep a night during week days. That's the most important one.
  • learn to budget - I think that goes without saying! Basically, stop dipping into my account for pointless things like morning coffees before work (er no sylv) because it all adds up, shockingly to crazy amounts.
  • get a bike -  Okay I know this completely ruins my budget goal but I've been saying it for ages. And I'm going to make myself save a little every month and then finally get it and ride around at home on it. It must be mustard yellow. I hope someday to be able to bike to work. That would be neat. 

I pledge to make the effort to do the above. It will be hard for me but I can't be that pushover any more. I need to be more honest with myself and by doing that I will need to be more honest with others. Obviously I want to do this without coming across as a bitch to the people I know and love.. Does that make me sound awful? Now I have them written out I realise they all kind of fall into each other anyway. Whoops! Anyway, all my resolutions can be read here 

*This makes me sound like I care too much about what people think might of me and I know some say you shouldn't but there has always been that part about me that hopes I leave a good nice impression on people and I would hate for anyone to think I'm a bitch when I'm not, it's just the way I am with certain things. 

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