Friday, 19 July 2013

10 things you don't know about me

Following a conversation with my boyfriend last night I've been thinking about how I come across to people who know me, but not fully know me. One thing I always hear is people saying I'm shy because I'm not overly talkative*. I've recently learnt that one of our friends was really surprised to find out that I can be really girly (at times) because, as he says it - 'I'm into all the gore and death stuff'** so I thought why not do a little 'ten things post' to shed a little light that others might not know, prove that I'm capable of being girly and not all that tough and macabre. Some of you may already know these and some might be as surprised as our friend was!

Sillyness is important and who doesn't like a little nosey?

1. I work in a place called The Nightmare Realm every year, this year I am the costume designer for both the Tralee and Cork realms. So naturally I do love the gore and all the 'death stuff' - just as long as its theatrical and not real life. Nothing really shocks/grosses me out.
2. Saying that, I will cry profusely if I step on a snail. I love those little critters.
3. I'm an avid animal lover - Sharks in particular hold the number one spot. I wouldn't hold a grudge if I lost an arm or leg (or my life) to a Shark. I also adore these magnificent creatures and swimming beside one is a life long dream. I even went to Africa to complete this life goal but things got in the way and time ran out, its okay - it means I get to go back so its double win.

4. I’m more of a listener when it comes to groups of people than a big talker. I'm not shy though, don't get those two mixed! It all depends on the social situation and how comfortable I feel around everyone. I'm naturally really silly and will reveal my weirdness/gremlin qualities if I feel comfortable enough and if the people i'm with are the types to accept the weirdness.
5. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too. I have my parents and granddad to thank for that mentality. I like to have a go at making clothes/items/accessories/everything before buying because I think if you can diy it why buy it! I plan to continue this mentality throughout my entire existence and with everything that I do in my life.
6. Lara Croft is and always has been an idol to me. Shes well mannered, a tough cookie, a worldwide traveller and explorer and does it all on her own. CGI game character or not, she's awesome. Nuff' said.
7. I collect things... movie & gaming soundtracks, inanimate objects (that hold some form of silly memory to me which inevitably become a totem..some of which i do not allow others to touch, for example a red piece of foam has been sitting in my purse since i was 13) and odd picture frames. I'm sure theres more, I just can't remember them right now! 

8. I'd love to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think life would be perfect if that happened. I'd cry if I met Arnie. And Angie... I couldn't choose between the two of them if I could only meet one!
9. Which gets me too....Crying! I'm a crier at life. I cry a lot and over what people would call, silly things (like crushing snails.. which by the way is NOT a silly thing to cry too) and I cry like, all the time to films. Yep. This gore-guzzler horror fanatic cries to films. Not the typically sad films either. Films like Tangled.  When Dobby died I was inconsolable (HP for any of you that live under a rock)
10. I used to be an avid bird watcher, often geeking over for hours over books of birds, drawings, sketches and taking notes myself. I still love birds but sadly I've since forgotten nearly everything I knew about the species.

And there you go! Now you know some cringey and some not-so-cringey things about me! Are you surprised? Are you even more weirded out by me? I wear dresses too you know, and heels. In fact I've worn a dress every day to work this week whilst the weathers been awesome, except for today. Today is a day for mum's dungaree's. I even used to wear poofy hair extensions and actually care enough to look after my hair. Now I just leave it do it's own thing. Anyway, I hope this post has shown you a different side of me that you might not have known about, if you know me in person that is. The horror side to me isn't really expressed on Little Snippets, I like to keep this place happy and positive.

Happy Friday! I'm going back down to my parents house after work for another weekend of bliss and relaxation.. XO 

*this really pisses me off.
**in terms of general interests such as horror films, all things macabre and the usual darker side to life. 


  1. aww i love these types of posts! i cry all the time too! <3 but i cannot say i share your love of snails or sharks.... I'm terrified! :)

  2. Sylv you are gorgeous! Just putting that out there ;) I love facts posts. also, I am a massive crier too. Axx

    1. Awe thank you hunny :) Facts posts are quite possibly my favourite too! xXx

  3. "I believe I can do anything I set my mind to" - so powerful and motivating! It was nice to get to know you better;-)

  4. Love reading these sorts of blog posts! Also, massive crier here too. I cried at a freaking dog food advert!

  5. I totally cry over snails as well!


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