Tuesday, 9 July 2013


You guys something amazing happened this Sunday that just passed... Shane and I both had the day off work together! I was only saying a couple of posts ago that we never get this time off with each other.. Looks like the universe answered my woes hoho.. Also this weekend was the start to us finally getting that much needed savage Summer weather over on our little corner of the map. So we of course made good use of it and indulged in the sunshine with nothing better than THE BEACH!

 *warning, photo heavy post!*
Well actually we spent the first half of the morning lazin' it up in bed. 'Cause that's what Sundays are all about really aren't they? We stopped down in The Market House for some breakfast and to support our friend who's quite the talented little chef there. Not just his food too - his cappuccinos are divine. (if any of you fellow Corkonians ever down our way, stop in for one!)

After breakfast we stopped at this cute little shop which sells only ice-cream and other typical summer snacks to get a cone each (sorry waistline) and wander around town whilst we nibbled on our treats. We stopped in this little shop selling all sorts of treasures for a quick rummage which is where I found the CUTEST little china kitty saver for only 2 euro! Shane thinks it looks evil but he would say that, he's a dog person. It's not pictured here but I'll post it up soon!

After our brunch and wander we packed our bags ready to get our toes wet, shoved everything in the car and popped on our play list ready for the road. I love driving with the windows down, sun shining and my boy at my side. We always get really goofy and sing along together in stupid voices, or pretend like we're really going for it and belting out the lyrics! 
We drove to Whitebay and wandered down the long and dusty slope to the beach. It's sort of hidden by the hillside so when you're walking along the sea slowly peeks out of the corner of the distance and opens up into a beautiful alcove area. With 25 degrees out we made a bee-line for the sand and picked a quiet spot perfect for sun bathing. 

Us being total water babies meant we didn't last long sunbathing before we were jumping in the sea together. It wasn't the warmest but that was because we went out too far, I love to swim in deep water so this was the only downfall. We found a good middle patch with warmish water that wasn't too shallow where we could float around in and enjoy what could easily have been the only nice day in the entire year for us. I still fully believe Ireland should have national holidays any time the weather hits near or over 20 degrees. Which wouldn't be such a big deal seeing as we have like 3 nice days a year!

The tide made its way up the shore and soon enough the alcove was going to be close to nothing, so we packed away our bits and made our way up the trail to the car. It was SO HOT. Like crazy, can't even bear to wear clothes hot. I've been living in this super long and lightweight Jaws tank top I got the other day because it's the only thing that feels like i'm wearing next to nothing! (and it's got a shark on it so even more of a win!)

What's a super sunny Summer day without an awesome Braai? (or better known as here, a barbeque!) Shane cooked me some veggie patties and I made a deliriously delicious salad burger out of it and threw in loads of side salad dishes to go with our grub. We were stuffed as guts after our din-dins and vegged out in the sun to let our food babies go down.
It's not often we have days off work together, but when we do.. We have the BEST days off together. <3


  1. Loving the beach shots. Hasn't the weather here been fab, at last it's summer!!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Hi Adele! The weather has been beyond amazing, scared to complain that it's *too* hot! :) Lovely blog of yours, really awesome! xXx

  2. Ahh, that sounds like a PERFECT day off scenario♥♥♥


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