Thursday, 4 July 2013

fly away - madrid 2013

I miss aeroplanes and getting away from it all, the rush of excitement that happens when you know in a few hours you'll be in another country experiencing new things and making new memories.. The travel bug has hit me hard in the last few years and it just won't quit. I've been back from Spain for almost a month now so these posts are a bit over due but better late than never! (says the girl who is yet to blog about travelling South Africa alone last year..I'm getting around to it!)

We started our adventure with free beers from a couple of randomly lovely guys celebrating a stag night on the plane journey over, landing in Spain on the happiest of happy feelers. I had never been to Spain before (shock horror - a brit who hasn't been to spain!) so there was silly amounts of excitement to see Spain in all it's sunny glory, to marvel over the many gorgeous buildings and soak in the chilled atmosphere of Madrid. 

We arrived in Sol late Thursday night, found our hotel, dumped our stuff and immediately set out to explore the nightlife with the stag lads we met on the plane...several hours later as the sun was coming back up we trudged back to our hotel to sleep off our impending hangovers. Our first night was a blast and typically random and unplanned - as everything usually is with us.

Madrid is such a beautiful city, everything has this level of intense detail in everything and is swimming in character. I don't think I've ever nerded out so much over buildings than I did there. The vast majority of all 600 photos taken were of the buildings and architecture. I'm not even kidding!

The first few mornings (when we weren't dying of painful hangovers) were spent oogling our surroundings, armed with cameras at the ready and shutterbugging like you wouldn't believe. When we weren't distracted by the magic of Madrid we were dodging the immense heat with 70 cent beers in typically Spanish bars (WHAT!!) and taking little siestas whenever possible. Oh and people watching. WE LOVE PEOPLE WATCHING. Madrid is full of the funkiest styles, so carefree and chilled! My inspiration levels were out of the fuckin' roof I tell ya.

One thing that was pure genius to us, the posher cafe's had not only fans to air your cooked skin but also spritzed us with cool water as well. GENIUS. You can kind of see them in the below photo.

Every day was so hot, warm air, no wind or clouds. I haven't experienced that fully since I was last travelling South Africa last year. I missed that heat, stepping out from the plane to be blasted with warmth is something I'll never get used too. Lazing around in the bare minimum of clothing - dresses and flip flops, hair wrestled into a top knot and our of our face with those trusty sunglasses to save our eyes was how we spent the days wandering the streets of Spain. 

Part two coming soon!

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