Saturday, 27 July 2013

life, according to Instagram

hello, this is my 'stupidly-happy-inspired' face after a super inspiring meeting at the realm with Karl and Ken, obsessing over passion-fruit yoghurt & my general fruit diet craze, finding my favourite crazy-lady cardigan in my wardrobe at my folks whilst visiting them recently, creating yet another gruesome costume & busting all ten digits doing so.

AHHHH I've been horrendously busy lately, finding the time to blog is already tough enough but as time is ticking, the next 2-3 months are going to be solely focused on getting the costumes done. Literally all my crafting time is going to them, I'm having lots of fun with it which makes all the time and effort really worth it. I'm hoping I'll still be able to get at least some time out of my crazy busy schedule to update on here with what I've been doing other than the costumes (because I'm not allowed to give anything away). 

In other blog news, slightly unrelated but related at the same time - I'm coming up to my 1 year anniversary since my travels to South Africa next month, I can't believe it! I've been thinking it's time that I finally get some blog posts out about everything that I got up to during those travels, it's a bit ridiculous that it's taken me a year to get it done but when you take 7,000 photos in 6 weeks of travelling it's impossible to know where to start with blogging about it! Any travel blogger will know what I'm talking about.

washing the remains of last years bloody costumes - both mum & mums washing machine were not happy with
 me. Treating myself to a hard earned Mocha and Lemon & Poppy seed cake at Nosh and Coffee today after more costume scouting -YUM! A cute outfit from last week during the hot spells that I thought was worthy of instagramming about, more sewing and costume sneak peaks.

So this post was really just a little update to let you know i'm still alive and have not abandoned the blog since revealing all those super cringey facts about me in my last post. When I'm not blogging you can catch me on instagram - @sylvieepops. I'm off to get some Tomb Raider gaming time in before my lovely boyfriend gets home from work. Happy Weekend! XO P.S, hello new followers! Thank you for visiting and all the lovely comments :)


  1. Hello my lovely, hope you are well, love the new blog loads! xx:)

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    2. Hello my favourite Author :) yeah i'm good lol, busy! Hope you are well too :) and thank you, so sweet of you to say :) xXx


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