Wednesday, 17 July 2013

live by the weekend

Weekends. Free from hot offices and the busy hustle bustle of city life. Going down to my family home for a stress-free precious two days and a half days to recover. I've been feeling a little burnt-out lately with everything going on in life getting on top of me, so I knew it was time to go home and let the comfort of home refresh me. It was glorious and exactly what my stressed out little soul needed.

Breathtaking sunsets over the valleys, the warm weather lasting till beyond midnight, bare legs and bare arms, summer night braai's and beers with my folks, rediscovering my love for tofu burgers, dancing with my siblings barefoot on the grass, laughing forever, not a care in the world, sleeping in my own bed, familiar faces, sights and smells that I so badly missed. Being home makes everything better.


  1. I'm not surprised going home is good for your soul - Ballingeary looks like a seriously beautiful place! I don't have enough of a connection to my parents new house, in a new part of the country, but it's still nice to visit, they are, after all, and in spite of all their faults, family! Ax

    1. it really is beautiful, i too often easily forgot that when i lived there. Although from your pictures from your folks newest home looks amazing location wise, opportunity for lots of exploring! :) xx

  2. Such precious moments! I miss spending time with my family:-( It's been too long....


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