Saturday, 6 July 2013

take it easy

My my it's been a good weekend so far. I'm so happy to have time off again to just enjoy everything. After work last night I made a quick dash to H&M to pick up some new tops and a dress before heading home, pay day is once a month and it had been a while since I last treated myself so I thought WHY NOT. I stayed in last night as my boo was working super late (cheffing is tough!) so I nerded out playing Tomb Raider and  had a rather funny conversation over Skype with my family. I can always count on them to make me laugh! 

This morning I decided to take it easy, I took my time waking up, having breakfast with Shane savouring our morning together before he had to go to work. I've been chilling out since taking a bunch of new blog related photos (which mean more posts coming,yay!) and watching Tank Girl on my laptop with my lunch time coffee. The costumes can wait until tomorrow.

When I was in Primary School a friend of mine let me borrow the Tank Girl comics to read, I remember being so afraid of my mum finding them I would hide the comics under my pillow and read them in secret. She's (Rebecca in Tank Girl) pretty brash about things and the comic was well known for her sexual inclinations and heavy substance abuse. So obviously as a little'n I was nervous to what mama would think if she ever caught me with it! We used to hide it from the teachers as well. It was one of the very few comics I ever read and I loved it, it was my first time watching the film this morning and I think Lori Petty did a great job of embodying Rebecca's character. Although I still think Gwen Stefani would give Lori a run for her money as Tank Girl!

 I've had these felt dreadlocks in my hair now for a couple of weeks and the multicoloured braid has been in even longer. I wanted a hair style change without it being too drastic such as dye or cutting it, because neither of those options is something I want to do. I made the dreadlocks from watching youtube videos with wool felting, hooking my actual hair up in the middle of the felt dread and using embroidery thread to hold them in.  I'm happy with the outcome and I like how they mix in nicely with my actual hair, giving it the bohemian look I love. Youtube is bloody brilliant for little how to's!

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