Friday, 5 July 2013

things i need to learn to be better at

  • eating more often with more variety in my food choices. I have a big habit of eating the same salad every evening for dinner.
  • juggling two full time jobs versus having a social/happy/stress-free life. 
  • good time management and budgeting my money.

In certain aspects it's really tough having a full time job sometimes. It's like living your life versus having money. You can't do these things unless you have a job to support your dreams. I'm yet to find that perfect work/life happy balance that everyone keeps telling me about. Maybe it's because all of my free time away from work is spent on my second job designing costumes for the nightmare realm (which, don't get me wrong - I LOVE) but when the only time I have to myself is that blissful half hour train journey home after work (aka power nap time) or sleeping.. It can be difficult to find that silver lining amongst all the busyness of my life to take a moment to deep breathe and enjoy the simple things. 

I constantly miss my mum, my family, being home and not having anything of importance to do or things to finish before a particular date. Those lazy mornings chilling on my roof with a cup of coffee in one hand and my ipod in the other not knowing what the day will bring seem so long ago. I miss those days but know I am lucky to have what I have now. 

Living with Shane is the bees knees. It's what we've always wanted together as a couple and living with him has been lots of fun. The only part that sucks is that our jobs completely go against any free time we could spend together, he works when I’m off and I work when he's off. Our only time together is a precious 2-5 hours each day, in which we also need to do normal day-to-day stuff like making dinner, showering, washing clothes, sleeping etc as well as actually be together. I always end up sacrificing my sleep time for staying awake longer just to spend more time with him. It's tough, sometimes we get frustrated because of it and fight but we both know it's just the way it is. It's not our fault, we can't control the situation and as my dad says, that's life. We've learnt to make time for each other, to go on dates again and enjoy the little things that we love about each other more often.This is just another hurdle we can overcome together.

Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew but naturally I'm quite competitive and love a challenge to remind myself what I'm capable of. I've previously been told by a couple of people (one same person on multiple occasions) that I've taken on too much for one person, which makes me SO mad and drives me to see it all through and prove them all wrong. I know what I'm capable of, I won't have anyone else tell me otherwise. and I will do my victory dance when appropriate.

I know once October is done and dusted my life should calm down a notch. I'll be able to laze about guilt-free on Saturday mornings and go visit my parents every weekend for a month straight if I like. I'll be able to put more attention to my blog and not have to cram words together during my lunch break to make up for lack of posting. It'll mean more diy's and days spent pottering about, more occasions when I’m not keeping one eye on the time whilst doing something else. I'll have more me time. Hooray for having a busy lifestyle but I can't wait to relax and take it easy in a couple of months!

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  1. I really identify with this. Life seems to have a way of throwing so much at us, at once, then suddenly you can find yourself with days and days of emptiness. There never seems to be a middle ground. I am currently in the throes of not having all that much to do - which is a complete change from a few months ago, where I was juggling my full time degree with working a stupid amount of hours and trying to spend time with my boyfriend. I bet as soon as school starts up again, I'll be craving the slow days! haha. Stay strong my love!


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