Sunday, 4 August 2013


My hands are dry and my mind is fried. I'm probably going to be away for a while here. Life is too busy right now, with my day job killing any energy I have in me and the costumes/horror taking up the remainder of my days..I'm constantly sleepy, tired and stressed. It's difficult to get any quality time in. I feel ill, I haven't been eating much and sleeping all day-every day seems like a pretty good idea to me, all the time. Obviously I can't do that. I must try to focus everything I have into these costumes, which after today's miserable efforts..I'm about ready to give up all hope in myself.


I feel like I'm constantly in psycho-horror mode. Which nine times out of ten is true, and very awesome. But add that to the mix of the stress of it and the fact I am literally racing against a clock that may as well be a month ahead of me in time... I'm putting myself under lots of pressure with everything and then feeling bad that I haven't blogged recently about lifestyle things other than the general macabre that is my life right now.. So I'm going to take a break from here. I'll be back, and when I am hopefully I'll be less-stressed. xo

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