Friday, 16 August 2013

snippets of a bedroom where noone sleeps.. & other thoughts

When I can, I like to go home to my folks at the weekends and spent some quality time there. Due to my life constantly being in the fast lane going home isn't as often as I'd like it to be. When I was last home (about three weeks ago now) I brought my camera to take some pictures of my bedroom to remind myself of things I like* and decided to share them here, cause why not right.

*I know this sounds strange, but living with my boyfriend and sharing his bedroom means my personal tastes for trinkets and the general airy fairy shit that I love isn't seen so much any more. Sometimes I forget I have a big collection of necklaces and like to wear jewlery..or that I collect jars of rocks and shells and how certain rocks actually mean something to me. I even forget how I like to dress sometimes! Living with the boy can cloud over that sometimes. He doesn't mind my shit slowly taking over his room, he likes the fairy lights above our bed and our wall of photos from times together but something tells me his patience would run thin when it comes to my little collection of small open jars filled with equally small things inside them or the ever growing dream-catchers that dangle from the ceiling (blame my mum!) I can picture them now if they were in our room - all over the floor and a big frustrated face on Shane! 

It's funny living with someone else. We both have our own tastes and styles of things which if we were living in our own house together (instead of his family home) would reflect in our bedroom more. My tastes have rubbed off from my mums personal tastes, I like rustic looks and homely hippy vibes, dream catchers and shit that hangs from walls & looks pretty in the sunlight. Where as Shane likes vibrant green and has modern furniture, gadgety nick-nacks and has his desk covered in skate stickers, which perfectly reflects his style. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we had our own place. Probably a hectic mix of chilled skater meets hippy goth, ha! Right now it's his room with a hint of girl. Sometimes that bugs me but for the most part I think it's better this way, for now. If all my stuff was in our room along with his stuff I'd be a fretting mess worrying about things getting knocked over or smashed, my stressed out little head couldn't deal with it. Plus I have a LOT of shit that I know wouldn't last two minutes in our room!

Mason jars filled with pretty shells from various places in Ireland, Spain & Mozambique / my favourite bracelets live in a big open pearlescent shell on my dresser next to family photos and my big lump of rose quartz / tiny jars with tiny shells and my collection of favourite books.

I really look forward to coming home. Spending a couple of nights in my bedroom surrounded by my own belongings, sleeping in my own bed (because lets face it, as lovely as it is to sleep with your better half, nothing beats having the entire bed to star-shape out in) amongst the many layers of patchwork quilts and feather pillows is just so soul enriching. I feel like I'm refuelling myself and all my creative juices. I get so happy & inspired in there and knowing my books and craft supplies are just a stretch of a hand away is really comforting. I know my room inside out, I know where everything is and can pin point the smallest of things off the top of my head. My room is like an extension of my brain really, when I lived at home I used to take such pride in making my room as creative and interesting as possible for any friends visiting. 

Bedrooms are a good way to see inside a persons mind, get a feel of their interests and the little things they like. My room has changed a couple times over the years, the most recent move being downstairs right next to the outer kitchen (first to coffee in the morning, score!). It's small and fits everything I need perfectly. It also makes me realise how amazing my bed is, it's so squishy and inviting tucked up in the corner! I wish I could spend more time at home to make it more 'me' in there. I know my ceilings could do with a few more dream catchers :)

Another collection of mine - elephants! Mum has given me most of these, with the exception of two beautiful elephants my dear friend Kerr gifted me for my birthday & another tiny elephant she sneakishly stole for me / naughty pretty things - suppose you can guess whats in here! / close up detail of a patchwork quilt I made last year.
I'm always eager to come back and knowing that I cant for another couple of weekends because of other day-to-day stuff does bum me out. I'm stuck between staying in the city to do my costumes or going home to recharge. Both are of equal importance but it's the costumes that seem to be taking the higher spot in my life right now. My bedroom isn't the only thing I love about home. I miss the simple things, the things that I used to take for granted. I miss the smell of my little brother and his fluffy bed-head in the morning (HOW creepy does that sound!) and seeing each member of my family go about their daily business - mum pottering about the house &garden, dad chilling in his workshop with Bruce on the radio up loud.. Ellie running wild in the garden chasing chickens, Alex stalking around the kitchen in hunt of food or speaking in his awful american-english accent to his online friends.. Tiggy with his little head stuck firmly in his books taking in every last snippet of information. People watching at its finest here guys!
One of my favourite things to do around the homestead is on those early Sunday mornings when mums still asleep. I love the morning ritual of letting the animals out, feeding her chickens and ducklings, collecting their freshly laid eggs and finally sitting out with a furry companion and a coffee in hand admiring the views of our stunning landscapes. I've previously mentioned in MFH that we're surrounded by massive mountains and breathtaking landscape at home in West Cork, it's quiet up there and neighbours are few and far between. It never fails to amaze me when I come back to visit. It makes me feel so lucky I had/have these views and solitude when 95% of my time I'm surrounded by wall to wall windows, houses and loud noisy people in Cobh, which can make me feel very claustrophobic. That 5% of time at home is what I cherish most. Living in the city does has its benefits but at heart I know I was born a country girl. Counting down the days till the next homestead visit xo

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