Wednesday, 7 August 2013

that time the family went to..

It's no surprise how much I love animals, whilst I try not to visit Zoo's I do somewhat agree with Wildlife Parks. So when my lovely parents hatched a plan to take my little brother (pictured below), his best friend and my little sister to Fota Wildlife Park for an early birthday surprise I tagged along for what ended up being a bloody good day out. 

I got to the park early in the morning and had some time to myself before my parents arrived with the kids so I made my way over to the Penguins where they were being fed there morning fish! These guys are a little scruffy because they're molting this time of year. Penguins are such cute little critters.

Feeding the ducks. Ducks are such timid and gentle creatures, they would swim up to me really quietly and try get a sneaky nuzzle off the 'Quack Snacks' I had brought for them or waddle over with curious eyes. I particularly liked this little guy with the red bill and funky fro. He was also very shy and wouldn't come over to me but did stop mid-swim to let me take this rather awesome pose.

We stayed long enough to watch the Giraffe herd walk from the park over to their bedding area. Giraffe can only sleep one hour a day at even at that, they sleep for five minutes at a time! And I complain that I don't get enough sleep. 
A few minutes before this picture was taken I was trying to figure out how I could get my phone that has flown slipped from my hands landing in the mud beyond the electric fence.

SUCH A CHEEKY FACE! This guy giving me the stink-eye was to know what the clicking noise coming from my camera was and continued to follow me along the walk way until he realised what it was. Ostrich are bloody weird animals. I was magnetised to the bright colours of the Macaw pictured below, whilst he sat and posed for the cameras.

The Primate island is covered in these type of structures with swing ropes and climbing frames, I have a bunch of pictures capturing the lovely Gibbons swinging along these ropes, some running along the poles making the funniest expressions. I love these climbing frames, they remind me so much of old pirate ships that you'd see in films. I'm quite obsessed with pirate ships lately..

I've been to Fota before a few years ago whilst I was in college with Shane and my housemates, it was lovely to revisit and to have a really awesome day again, Fota does not disappoint. I really wanted to see the Gardens again because they are just so beautiful, some of my favourite wildlife photography comes from my previous visit here. My family had a great day out and it was really fun to be out together enjoying my little brothers early birthday surprise, which he loved just as much ♥

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