Thursday, 8 August 2013

this time last year.. South Africa 2012

It's hard to believe that on this exact date last year I was solo plane hopping from airport to airport making my way over to South Africa for what turned out to be the best 6 weeks of my life. Rather than get too weepy and depro about not being back on that plane and reliving it all again (because i TOTALLY want to do that! ..who wouldnt!) I'm going to focus on all the positive outcomes that have happened since my adventures in South Africa :)

Little back-story for all non MFH/new readers; Before leaving for south Africa I had finished college for a while and was jobless living at home. The only income I had was picking up summer work in my local village and every October at the nightmare realm acting. Other than that I was on job seekers benefit and felt stuck in this big fat rut, not really knowing where i was going in life. I knew I wanted to travel the globe and SA always had the number one go-to destination spot on my list - see this blog post from MFH where I revealed in all my excitement that I was FINALLY going on the trip of a lifetime! 

Whilst I was travelling I expressed my worries with my cousin Lewis. He's really into NLP and fully believes focusing on positives will get you what you want from life. Lewy had me jot down some goals to focus on for 2013 before I left SA and without really realising it, I've managed to accomplish all the goals I had set myself since then. Amazing what a little positive focus does to you!

  • Goal #1: Get a real job. Since my travels in SA/Mozambique I have been in full time employment for almost a year which is something I’m pretty proud about. I never thought I would be cut out for this job, having no experience and being scared of making simple telephone calls I was sure this job was a no-go. I've gone on to prove myself wrong countless times since. So far this year I've made close to 26,000 phone calls! 
  • Goal #2: Find what you love and get paid for doing it. Not only have I managed to get and keep a full time job but I now have two! Costume Design was always a dream job of mine and where better to start it than at at The Nightmare Realm! Fashion AND horror being the perfect messed up mix for me to play with. So far it's been stressful and a massive learning curve for me both understanding my own limits as an artist and as a delicate human being, but I'm enjoying the process thus far :)
  • Goal #3: Travel more. Shane and I went on our first holiday away together at the beginning of this year to London, I've been on holiday 3 times so far this year and managed to get two visits to see my family overseas. That rarely happens! I went on holiday with my friend to see Spain and we had a blast, I've met amazing people and made some amazing life friends in the process. 
  • Goal #4: Move out. I moved out of my family home shortly after coming back from SA and have been living with my boyfriend for almost a year now!

A whole year has passed since that wonderful day where I ventured off, its hard not to get a little sad and reminiscent about my time there. I've never properly blogged about my experiences whilst I was over there as travelling and blogging at the same time is something I've tried previously and really just not good at. I wanted to remove myself from the Internet completely whilst I was away and really take in everything, rather than worry about how my blog views were doing or anything trivial like that. I only instagrammed a handful of times and I was even shit for keeping in touch with my own family and boyfriend! Eek!

So it being a year since my adventures I figured now is as good a time as any to finally blog about what it was I got up too! I'm hoping to do this with a bunch of upcoming blog posts, highlighting favourite moments, foods, experiences, day trips etc over the next few weeks/month. I took a kazillion photo's and experienced a whole bunch of new things so I expect these SA themed posts will be fun to relive and share with you all* :)

Travelling really is a life changing experience. To see and experience South Africa and Mozambique was by far the best thing I've ever done in my short life. I always find myself reminiscing on good times that was had over there with my family and friends that I made. Solo travelling made me grow up, I overcame certain *maybe irrational* fears, conquered (and have since) conquered a lot that once would have held me back from doing things in my life. I experienced so much and learnt a lot about myself whilst I was away. 
Since coming back I've kept up with what Lewis taught me and put more effort into focusing on positives, even when it's really hard. I've taken on new goals and projects such as the NR costume designing, I even starred in a music video! which before would have had me running for the hills in fear. I'm driven to do better with everything, more focused on what I want and I find I'm challenging myself in more ways than I would have before. Without sounding corny or cliche I know myself a lot more now from my time away. I know what I'm capable of and more importantly, what I'm not and will continue to use that knowledge to enjoy my life in every possible aspect. 
I'm always busy nowadays, a lot of the time I feel like my life is continuously in the fast lane without a spare second to blink. I do complain about it but when I compare my life now to how I felt before SA, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Well, maybe add a few more sleeping hours on top of what I cover on a nightly basis or more regular family trips home and I'd be golden :) xo
*More South African adventures to come!*


  1. Sylv you are an inspiration! I am one of those people terrified of solo travelling and not overly fond of telephone calls (I'm getting better, not quite at your level yet though!).
    I'm so glad you've achieved all your goals! Well done! :D Axx

    1. Awwh thank you Amy that's so sweet :) Solo travel still makes me a bit anxious but I’d hate to have that stop me from going where I want to go! And I still hate to make calls but it's more of an annoyance now rather than getting heart palpitations whenever the phone rings! aha. Thank you so much, horray for goals! :) xXx


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